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Date: 01/03/22 06:16
VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: railsmith

VIA Rail’s 2020-2024 Corporate Plan, released on November 9, 2020, implies that the Canadian needs a rethink, stating that aging equipment, the inability to run more frequent service, and the current four-day schedule are key reasons why some form of change is needed. This would seem to be the background for the RFI that VIA intends to issue. https://www.trainorders.com/discussion/read.php?15,5392340

As the plan's report puts it:  "VIA Rail believes that in the long term, the service delivery and business model of the Canadian, its flagship long-distance train, as it is today, is not sustainable. The existing service cannot adequately serve either shorter distance travellers or the tourism market.

"A new solution to maintain and preserve services and provide Canadians mobility is required," but the report does not propose any solutions.

As for the Budd equipment, the report states: “VIA Rail recognizes that despite the inherent quality of construction and intrinsic longevity of the stainless steel used, it is no longer reasonable to expect an extended service life from the Budd manufactured rolling stock equipment (HEP cars) that is approaching or has exceeded 70 years of age. At some point the effectiveness, usefulness and maintenance costs of any product will reach a point where replacement must be considered and unfortunately this also includes the HEP cars.” 

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Date: 01/03/22 19:40
Re: VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: 4489

This scares me!

Date: 01/04/22 08:52
Re: VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: viatrainrider

Me too!

Date: 01/04/22 10:33
Re: VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: Train29

I was on the last runs of the train on CP  (not counting the direction running bits) to Winnipeg and back in 1990. Hard to believe it's been that long. Sadly, it looks like another last run will be in the not too distant future...at least with the current equipment.  Lets hope they again return the train to full service well before that date occures! 

Date: 01/04/22 13:32
Re: VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: viatrainrider

Also agree with that, Train 29.  DrawingroomA, any
comments on this?  But for the immediate future weren't there some Budd built cars that were getting rehabbed - maybe diners, coaches to be more accessible?

Date: 01/04/22 13:34
Re: VIA mulls Canadian's future
Author: DrawingroomA

As has been discussed before, the previous VIA CEO, known by his initials YDS, said in a speech that the taxpayers should not be subsidising the Canadian and the Ocean. He was not looking at eliminating them, but hoped that his planned high frequency rail on dedicated tracks would make a significant profit that could be used to cover the losses on the long-distance trains.

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