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Date: 05/02/22 12:23
Matapedia MLW Monday
Author: cn6218

Here's one more installment from that visit on March 29, 2022 to the SFG in eastern Quebec.  Train 565 had picked up loads of woodchips and lumber at Nouvelle, and then proceeded west to Matapedia, where they would leave them for CN train 403 to pick up that night.  The pair of RS-18-3s pulled out onto the CN main line just west of the VIA station (1st image), and then shoved the loaded cars into track CD21 opposite the station.  There were already some loaded woodchip hoppers in Matapedia, and those were added to the cars the crew had just brought up.

They had a 3-man crew on this job, and I was talking for a bit with the 3rd guy, who mentioned that he had just recently qualified to work in the CN territory.  The main line here is CN track, and after the cars were spotted, the crew wyed the light engines, and then headed for the CN shop in Campbellton, NB, about 13 miles to the east.

Two of the line's six RS-18s are in the black and yellow paint (former Charlevoix Rwy.), two are in the pseudo "Black Widow" scheme (repainted from NBEC red), one is in blue L'Amiral paint (tourist train), and the last one still has very scruffy looking Ottawa Central black paint (with Action Red showing through).


Date: 05/02/22 19:41
Re: Matapedia MLW Monday
Author: AndyBrown

Interesting units!  I'm maybe not too crazy about the black paint; the one with green stripes does look a little better than the orange cab one.  But hey, they're still active Alcos!


Date: 05/03/22 13:57
Re: Matapedia MLW Monday
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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