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Date: 05/05/22 05:19
20 Years Ago Today
Author: cn6218

Too bad about the windshield glare, but at 09:15 on May 5, 2002, 120 was passing the AEI scanner in Windsor Jct., on its way to Halifax.  The traffic for the Halifax Intermodal Terminal (HIT) was up front as usual, and the crew would deliver it there after dropping most of the train in Rockingham.  Although uncommon, TOFC were still part of the intermodal mix 20 years ago, mixed in with the containers.

The old MIL gypsum gons on the Windsor & Hantsport interchange track are a bit of a mystery.  CN was still using them for Milford gypsum, so I don't think they were going to the WHRC to be loaded (CN 3-bay hoppers were used for that).  They may have been shop cars that had come from Fairview and would be picked up by the next gypsum train going through, although they would tie up some crossings in the process.


Date: 05/06/22 00:11
Re: 20 Years Ago Today
Author: krm152

Thanks for the nice look back.

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