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Date: 06/11/22 06:34
Autoracks From Halifax
Author: cn6218

After the Volvo plant in Halifax closed in 2000, it was rather uncommon for autoracks to be seen on the west side of the harbour.  There are two or three dozen per day going in and out of Autoport on the Dartmouth Sub, but other than the time early in COVID when 407 was annulled and everything added to 121, they've been rare here.

One exception to that rule was the early 2000s, when Dartmouth's traffic was carried on the Halifax trains, and transfer jobs moved those cars back and forth.  That appears to be what is happening here, on June 18, 2003, as GP38-2 4725 heads west near mile 9 on the south track from Rockingham, with autoracks for Dartmouth.  The more convenient way to do this would be to leave the cars at Kinsac (just west of Windsor Jct.), but perhaps there were too many to fit in the siding.  It was also uncommon to see the south track used for anything other than the passenger trains, but since this picture was taken at 18:06, the Ocean should have been long out of the way.


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