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Date: 06/16/22 16:05
Chassis ownership and operations in Canada
Author: Bandito

Can anyone with first-hand knowledge provide an overview of how intermodal chassis--especially for international--are managed in Canada?

When working for various containerlines, all I needed to know was that the ocean carriers did not provide for chassis in Canada--they were privately owned (whether by truckers and/or shippers).

To the extent they're owned by truckers, is live load/unload pretty much the rule, or perhaps limited drop/pull for shippers who don't sit on boxes. Or do big guys like Canadian Tire own and operate their own fleet of chassis.

How do the terminals deal with yard and private chassis? Is everything live lift?

Are there any chassis pools, in general or at certain hub locations? If so, what type of organization owns and manages the pool?

On the domestic 53 side, I gather that the railroads may be providing chassis, at least when the rail is providing the door move.
With the chassis situation is so effed-up in the US, it's mindboggling that people aren't asking why there don't seem to be problems in Canada (or at least any new problems). Things used to work better in the US when the containerlines were more involved in the provision and management of chassis than the current state of affairs, but what came about clearly did not follow the Canadian model (or how things work elsewhere globally).

Date: 06/16/22 20:52
Re: Chassis ownership and operations in Canada
Author: sarailfan

Canadian Tire does run a lot of their own chassis, but mostly with domestic 53' cans (plus a few 60 footers) CN and CP both have a number of chassis, but I'm not sure how they manage load/unload at end customers.

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