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Canadian Railroads > The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB

Date: 06/23/22 06:07
The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB
Author: cn6218

At 16:56 on April 13, 2012, the Ocean was getting under way from Moncton, New Brunswick with a fresh crew and more passengers for Montreal.  Unfortunately those passengers wouldn't get the benefit of a Park Car, since this was the era when both the Renaissance and Budd trains didn't have the observation car.  At least this train set had a Skyline that all the passengers were able to use.

The Ocean had about 10 more miles to run on the Springhill Sub before they diverged to the right at Pacific Jct., and took the Newcastle Sub all the way to Campbellton, where there would be another crew change.


Date: 06/23/22 14:04
Re: The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB
Author: feclark

I've never seen this perspective at Moncton before - really nice.

Date: 06/23/22 14:51
Re: The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB
Author: train1275

I was somewhere out that way in 1997 - 98, and arrived late on a sweltering summer's eve into the Moncton area only to find out there was a very serious boil water advisory.
Everything was closed and the motel owner just shrugged. There were some Jordan Spreaders I was inspecting the next day over at the shops facility. I've forgotten all orientation, but recall seeing some sort of signage for Pacific Junction. Whether that was near the motel or on the way to the shop I don't recall. I was never so parched with thirst in all my life, having last pit stopped at Fredericton after an extremely long day. Nice photo ! Takes a little sting out of that bad memory.

Date: 06/23/22 14:56
Re: The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB
Author: texchief1

That is a nice shot!

RC Lundgren
Elgin, TX

Date: 06/23/22 16:44
Re: The Ocean Leaving Moncton, NB
Author: cn6218

Pacific Junction is out in the woods, and although you can drive to it, the roads are pretty rough.  I'd be surprised if there were any road signs for it, since it's really only a railway location.  The nearest settlement is likely Berrys Mills, or Catamount.

I have ventured in there once or twice and got some pictures: The Ocean on Kodachrome 200 (trainorders.com)

The easiest way to see it it to ride the Ocean, but with no Park Car, this view is no longer possible: To Montreal and Back on the Ocean (trainorders.com)  (near the end of a long post)


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