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Canadian Railroads > Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia

Date: 06/24/22 06:23
Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

I missed Z120 by seconds yesterday morning as they arrived in Halifax, but not to worry, Q123 was already assembled and waiting for 120 to clear so they could leave.  First image here is Q123 climbing up Bedford Hill and across the Sackville River with a fairly short train (only 204 axles) at 10:48.

I had heard L507 leave Dartmouth earlier, and the RTC told them they would be waiting at Windsor Jct. for 123 to clear.  Thinking I might get a chance at them too, I headed out to MP 29 in Enfield, where the westbound track heads far enough east that a sunlit shot might be possible even this late in the morning.  Surprisingly enough, I actually got there a few minutes before Q123, and got a second chance at them at 11:17.  The mile 30 detector clocked them at 55 mph.

Meanwhile L507 was calling the foreman at mile 26 to go through his rule 43 limits, so I took a short walk to the highway for an overhead shot of the manifest train at 11:29.  L507 had been originating in Halifax from time to time, with with a regular 123 on the books now, I suspect it will almost always come out of Dartmouth.  The detector clocked them at 48 mph and counted 188 axles.

The nice weather lasted until 121 departed last night, but I miscalculated on that one too (along with its eastbound counterpart that morning), and missed them as they went through Bedford at 19:30, about half an hour early.


Date: 06/24/22 06:46
Re: Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia
Author: 3rdswitch

Nice trio.

Date: 06/24/22 12:45
Re: Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia
Author: feclark

That's a lovely third photo; the auto racks add to it.

Date: 06/24/22 17:58
Re: Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia
Author: cn6218

Here's an early attempt from the same location 24 years ago.  The trees are a lot shorter!  The scan wasn't very good either. :-(

Class SD50F in 1998 (trainorders.com)


Date: 06/24/22 18:56
Re: Lovely Weather in Nova Scotia
Author: newtonville150

The previous day I caught L507 at Springhill Junction taking the siding for VIA 15.
The crew later messaged me after they went off duty, saying they would have stopped
to chat except at 450 axles their train would have been hanging out of the siding
if they'd stopped where I was! As it was there was plenty of waving from both the engineer
and conductor. Same power as your shot.

...John Reay

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