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Date: 07/13/22 09:27
New Image for National Gypsum
Author: cn6218

The big open pit gypsum mine near Milford, NS has been owned and operated by National Gypsum of Canada for as long as I can remember.  But recently, the sign at the mine entrance, and now the logos on the company-owned hopper cars have been changed to Gold Bond Canada Limited.  This hasn't exactly happened overnight.  I seem to remember they lost a ship a few years ago named the Gold Bond Conveyor, which may have been the same one that went aground in Halifax Harbour when it was called the MV Colon Brown.

With the noon sun being as high as it is at this time of year, I haven't exactly been seeking out the return trip of 511, the loaded train, but happened on it Monday, so popped off a few pictures, and discovered the name change on the hoppers.  The reporting marks appear to have stayed the same.

The train is shown at Wellington, mile 22.65 of the Bedford Sub, at 12:28, and then 19 minutes later near mile 2 of the Dartmouth Sub, in Waverley, NS.


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