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Date: 07/17/22 16:17
Two shots of Z120 and a story
Author: newtonville150

I went down to Springhill Jct at 8 am this morning hoping to get Z120 from the bridge.
When I left home I had no idea if I'd missed it or not, as I'd heard nothing but
some unintelligible crackles on channel 1. Luckily shortly after I arrived the Maccan
detector sounded, so within 6-7 minutes Z120 was on the approach to
Springhill Jct. My shot didn't look too sharp on the camera display, but
it didn't actually turn out too bad.

The tail-end was barely out of sight when the RTC called 120 and told them they'd
be meeting 507 at Oxford Junction, so I headed east on the highway, even though
I scarcely believed 507 would be this early. I was later informed that this was in fact
yesterday's 507 which had moved empty wells from Alton to Truro and then the crew
booked rest and were lodged in Truro. This morning there was no other crew available
so when they came back on duty the same crew took the train. When I arrived
at Oxford Jct 120 was holding west of the siding waiting for 507 to arrive.

I was conscious that the light wouldn't be too great for either train that early. The sun
would be on the wrong side for my favoured eastbound shot and the sun would make
507 horribly backlit. I figured I could lighten up the shadow side of 120 in my
workflow, and if 507 wasn't too quick I could back-track to the River Philip bridge
for a broadside from the north side as long as I could beat 507 to the grade crossing
at the west end of Oxford Jct siding before the departing train activated the crossing.
Things worked out for the good except I neglected to set my camera to manual
focus when I swapped the telephoto lens I used for 120 for a prime lens
for the bridge shot, resulting in a nicely exposed blurry mess.

Disappointed I rushed to Amherst and the station to try and get a somewhat backlit
consolation shot. The morning's results are attached.

Z120 at 08:22 and 08:52 (CN 2953, CN ex-CREX 3932, CN 2831 with 334 axles.)
L5071116 at 09:56 (CN 8807, CN 2225 with 228 axles.)

...John Reay
Springhill NS

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Date: 07/17/22 17:21
Re: Two shots of Z120 and a story
Author: NiagaraMike

Very nice shots !

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