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Date: 07/20/22 15:05
Precision scheduled railroading....
Author: newtonville150

First Photo July 20th 2022 @ 08:24,
CN Z120 set off 83 cars at Oxford Junction because Rockingham Yard in Halifax is full.
CN 3263, CN 2974, CN 3845. Seen here about to run through the siding to make the set-off.

 Second photo July 20th 2022 @ 08:51, CN Z120 by Thomson Station with only 138 axles.

 Earlier CN Q122 had to set off its entire train at Kinsac for the same reason.

 Precision scheduled railroading.

...John Reay
Springhill NS

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Date: 07/20/22 16:48
Re: Precision scheduled railroading....
Author: KD

There must be a reason the yard is full. A serious accident, breakdown of equipment, labour issues, derailment, embargoes or an entity put a force majueure in place. I'm sure that no one gets suprised that fast. as to have all that traffic arrive at once with none leaving.

Date: 07/26/22 13:10
Re: Precision scheduled railroading....
Author: cn6218

KD Wrote:
> There must be a reason the yard is full. 

It's tempting to blame the fact that CN has been managing all the Halifax yards remotely from Moncton for the past year.  There is no regularly assigned Yard Coordinator any longer.  It's all done by YCs in Moncton, who have their own work to do already.  And listening to them on the radio, some of them sound like it's the last thing they want to be doing.

There was a minor derailment in the yard today.  The ET44AC one of the crews was using as a switcher, derailed on the frog of one the G-ladder switches.  That didn't stop Z120 from yarding their train when they arrived around noon, but it may have an impact on tonight's departure, depending on how quickly they can get it back on the rails.


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