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Date: 09/01/22 17:23
Cranky Railroaders
Author: NiagaraMike

I'm curious if other railfans have seen increased hostility from primarily CN railroaders.
Three times lately sites where we have watched trains have met with borderline hostility from workers.
Sites that in some cases we have sat at for years and in at least one case a site given the O/K by CN police. At least two locations I know for a fact are public street areas.
This has all been in the last 6 weeks.

Did brass send out a put the run on all raifans memo?
Curious as to others experiences,

Date: 09/01/22 21:36
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: K8DTI

I was in Alberta and BC this past May and was rather disappointed to get the bird from CN crews five times and one "F@#$ you" yelled at me, all while on public property and well away from the action. Perhaps managers are posing as railfans to trap them in a rules violation while showing good will to the public? I don't know, but it sure was a surprise. Nothing of the sort happened on CP.

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Date: 09/01/22 22:54
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: cabsignaldrop

How very un-Canadian! I'd expect that here in the States, but not up there. Everyone seems on edge about everything...

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Date: 09/02/22 01:41
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: dan

always a few grumpy railroaders screw them

Date: 09/03/22 04:02
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: hoggerdoug

Well, if you live, work and experience PSR 24/7 you might be cranky too....

Date: 09/03/22 05:28
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: NiagaraMike

I hear you Doug but something has changed around my area in just the last couple of months, PSR has been ongoing for a few years now..
Blaming it on Harrison is a good start, but even contract firms CN uses are acting rammy ! Maybe a lot of the ones giving us a hard time are from Toronto where there is a whole different set of dynamics.
Strangely enough CN police have been good at least if you use a little common sense around the tracks.

Date: 09/03/22 21:39
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: PHall

Just seems "interesting" that it's only the CN guys with the 'tude.

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Date: 09/04/22 06:48
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: dan

Back in the nineties had a ski train crew member flipping me off from the gangway, unsure if he was ski train guy or a rio grande guy, i later worked for them, then there was obstinate bnsf employee on the front range sub near fort collins who called me into dispatch for only going 55mph on the highway, and some other choice actions, he was well known.    After 9/11 aoe (atk) conductor called me for following his train, and a UP crewman call me for taking pics of his train.

Date: 09/06/22 22:48
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: Ritzville

I guess I'm lucky, the BNSF crews wave and toot quite often in Ritzville, WA going by my back yard. Maybe being retired from the rail helps.


Date: 09/12/22 19:00
Re: Cranky Railroaders
Author: tomstp

In Texas most head end crews run with windows closed and the airconditioner on.  With that green colored glass it is not easy to see the crews so I dunno if react bad or not at all. Back in the days of cabooses the rear end bunch seemed friendly.  In the engine sometimes the young guys would ignore you or shoot you a finger but, the older the crew the more friendly they were.

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