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Date: 09/23/22 10:10
DPUs Are Back
Author: cn6218

With the move to more trains running into and out of Halifax earlier this year, incoming Distributed Power has been rare, although 121 is often set up for a DPU when it leaves each evening.  To the best of my knowledge, 122 and 123 have never run with a DPU.

But on September 16, Z120 arrived at Rocky Lake, NS (about mile 14 of the Bedford Sub) in a spot of sunshine and with some vintage DC power, ES44DC 2274, SD75I 5723 and SD70M-2 8810.  I was surprised to see a string of empty original double-stacks cars farther back in the train.  They now have CSX reporting marks, but may have been owned originally by Sea-Land.  A further surprise was SD70M-2 8878 helping out further back in the train as it crossed Rocky Lake on a small causeway.


Date: 09/23/22 10:23
Re: DPUs Are Back
Author: cn6218

Once Z120 was safely off the main line at Millview (mile 8), Q123 was ready to go.  I caught them at mile13, Bedford Quarry, about half an hour later.  No DP for this train, just 3 AC GEs, 3612, 3195 and 2844 up front, with the usual train of export double-stacks destined for Chicago.


Date: 09/23/22 17:13
Re: DPUs Are Back
Author: TCnR

Good luck with the big storm coming up, it may be interesting to compare the new landscape and some of these recent posrs.


Curious what the Canadina Hurricane Center does the rest of the year.


+ congrats on the IOTD, lots of great colors.

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Date: 09/25/22 10:12
Re: DPUs Are Back
Author: cn6218

I haven't noticed any major change trackside yet, but I've hardly been out.

Reports this morning had trees down in the Folly Lake area, and widespread power outages (including newtonville150), but Z120 made it in to Halifax, even if the last 60 miles or so was at 15 mph.  Q122 is somewhere behind them.  15 left Halifax and is the first westbound, I think.


Date: 09/26/22 17:33
Re: DPUs Are Back
Author: newtonville150

cn6218 Wrote:
> Reports this morning had trees down in the Folly
> Lake area, and widespread power outages (including
> newtonville150)

Power back on as of this afternoon. No damage to our property, not even a missing roof shingle.
My driveway is a sea of horse chestnuts. Driving to Oxford today there were many trees down,
some partially across the road. Been listening to CN Ch. 1 all day...most crossings are dark.
one detector is out of service and many trees across the tracks.


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