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Date: 11/15/22 13:39
Nova Scotia changes
Author: newtonville150

Due to an apparent downturn in traffic, the bean counters have decreed that 122 and 123
will not run east of Montreal for the time being. That's disappointing as 123 has been my
go to westbound in the afternoon between Truro and Amherst. That leaves only 14/15, 120 and 507
as mostly daylight trains for me to shoot. Hopefully there'll be an occasional extra 123 in the mix.

November 9th at 14:10, CN L507 at Springhill Jct  with CN 2263, CN 2849, CN 3003
and a friendly crew. A rare 507 arriving at the junction early enough for optimal lighting. 
Most of the foreground was in shadow by the time Q123 showed up.

November 13th at 14:36, possibly the last CN Q123 for a while by Oxford Junction with
CN 8873, CN 5675 and 216 axles. They were having problems with one of the units, but that
was not evident as they blew by me.

November 15th at 15:10, CN L507 was by Oxford Junction with CN 2282, CN 2272 and 356 axles.
When we got there a tanker truck from Oxford Frozen Foods was unloading one of the
four tank cars that were spotted by the "Onion House",  We had to wait for it to leave before we
could drive to this spot. The sun was in and out, but thankfully mostly out when the train showed up.

...John Reay
Springhill, NS

Date: 11/15/22 15:05
Re: Nova Scotia changes
Author: nsscot

ah gee  enjoyed the exra trains  around here..


Date: 11/15/22 18:07
Re: Nova Scotia changes
Author: NiagaraMike

Nice shots-well done!

Date: 11/17/22 14:42
Re: Nova Scotia changes
Author: ns1000

Very nice..!!

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