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Canadian Railroads > A late Z120 at Springhill Junction NS

Date: 11/19/22 09:47
A late Z120 at Springhill Junction NS
Author: newtonville150

CN 120 Springhill Jct NS @ 11:53 November 19th, CN 2832, CN 2962, CN 4788
dp CN 2912 with 566 axles. Now that 122/123 have been cancelled as daily trains,
120 seems to be bigger, just in time for winter and now rates distributed power again.
It was a lot later than usual too. Probably because of the weather conditions in Ontario.
CN 4788 looks recently re-painted, and I think it's also set up for belt-pack operation
and equipped with an electronic bell.

...John Reay
Springhill NS

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Date: 11/20/22 11:43
Re: A late Z120 at Springhill Junction NS
Author: wyeth

Looks like they just repainted the cab and a new reflective sil strip.

Back to one huge train (and often late) in each direction - what was old is new again!  Someone in upper CN management probably got a big bonus with the cost savings of operating only one train instead of two (even though there's nothing new about that)...

Date: 11/20/22 15:57
Re: A late Z120 at Springhill Junction NS
Author: feclark

I think 4788 is fascinating, and it would be great to see more pics of it (Geoff?). It's not just paint, it looks like a repair is spliced in on the widenose's angle.

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