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Date: 11/19/22 11:40
Before The "TUX"
Author: cn6218

TTX has a group of what look like autoracks, but are actually just a big enclosed flatcar inside.  The TTUX series, known as "Tuxes" to CN crews here in the Maritimes, and used for oversize vehicles such as Mercedes Sprinter vans which won't fit in a conventional car.  

But before they came into common use, Sprinters left Autoport in Dartmouth on regular old OTTX flatcars.  CN train 407 (later renumbered 507) was the train to carry that traffic.  On January 23, 2010, 407 was crossing the Shubenacadie River with usual mixed bag of traffic.  The first tanker behind the power is molten sulphur, which evidently does not count as haz mat.

At Truro, they backed the whole train in at the A-Yard switch, with the uncovered Sprinters passing mainline signal M03 and dwarf M01, which westward controls movements out of the yard.

Almost 2 hours later, with the CBNS pickup now behind the power, the train was crossing the East Mines Viaduct, about mile 15 of the Springhill Sub.


Date: 11/19/22 12:51
Re: Before The "TUX"
Author: refarkas

Photo three on the bridge is truly well-crafted.

Date: 11/19/22 14:18
Re: Before The "TUX"
Author: PHall

Nope, molten sulphur is not "haz mat". It don't explode, it's combustible but not flammable and doesn't put out poisonous fumes. Just smells like crap and makes a real mess if there's a spill.

Date: 11/20/22 15:58
Re: Before The "TUX"
Author: feclark

Nice series!

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