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Canadian Railroads > Tipping Sleeper Attendants?

Date: 11/27/22 07:17
Tipping Sleeper Attendants?
Author: whitefish

What is the usual practice or custom for tipping sleeper car attendants on the Canadian? Also, do they re-crew enroute so one would have two attendants from VAC/TOR?

Date: 11/27/22 07:35
Re: Tipping Sleeper Attendants?
Author: hopalongharry

Yes, they change at Winnipeg so you will have two different attendants to tip.  I usually give the tip to the attendant a couple of hours before arrival because things can get a bit hectic during the unloading process.  I don''t know what others tip, but I typically use $20 as a base, and more if the attendant has been particularly helpful.

Date: 11/27/22 10:34
Re: Tipping Sleeper Attendants?
Author: viatrainrider

I also go with the above response UNLESS the service I receive is poor which only happened to me once on the Canadian.  Then I only went with $10.  My wife thought it should have been zero!

Also in the dining car I usually give the gratuity directly to someone (someone on a Sunset Ltd trip was stealing tips left on the tables) during the last meal before my destination.  In addition,  I usually provide a gratuity to Park Car staff for good service--staff that carry my glass of wine up to the dome for me rate well with me.

And yes, all on board service staff do change at Winnipeg.

Date: 11/28/22 03:03
Re: Tipping Sleeper Attendants?
Author: NiagaraMike

Most if not all Via onboard staff are excellent !
As I recall from a couple of trips I tipped $40.

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