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Date: 01/10/23 06:41
caption needed
Author: hoggerdoug


Date: 01/10/23 09:24
Re: caption needed
Author: irhoghead

I had a roundhouse foreman get mad at me one time for writing, "Test Dirt. Do Not Wash" on one of our filthy locomotives. He had enough energy to complain to me, but wouldn't take the initiative to get his "overworked" employees to clean the power.

Date: 01/10/23 11:26
Re: caption needed
Author: jcaestecker

Test successful!


Date: 01/10/23 11:44
Re: caption needed
Author: UP3806

That's dirt, alright!


Date: 01/10/23 16:37
Re: caption needed
Author: PHall

Had a guy do the "Test Dirt - Do Not Wash" thing on his truck at AT&T and the contractor who had the washing contract did just as he asked.
Everybody else's vehicles were washed and his was untouched!

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Date: 01/11/23 14:30
Re: caption needed
Author: KD

After CN takeover. CN had all the frames painted yellow

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Date: 01/11/23 15:20
Re: caption needed
Author: PHall

KD Wrote:
> After CN takeover. CN had all the frames painted
> yellow
> Posted from iPhone

Not paint, yellow reflective striping.

Date: 01/17/23 04:31
Re: caption needed
Author: march_hare

As for the original photo, this is obviously a " progress" photo, meant to accompany a weekly report to management's dirt weathering implementation team. 

From appearances, the test program continues to be a success. 

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