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Canadian Railroads > 20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean

Date: 01/12/23 11:16
20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean
Author: cn6218

The discussion a few days ago, Four years ago today - the last great Ocean? (trainorders.com), got me thinking about how many other times that the Ocean has had 3 Budd domes in the consist.  From time to time, a Park car would be deadheaded right behind the power, but that hasn't happened since VIA closed the maintenance centre in Halifax, and it has been quite rare otherwise.  One of those exceptions that proves the rule, happened 20 years ago today, when the Chaleur had run to Halifax instead of Gaspé.  I don't remember the specifics, but the line was probably not open due to heavy snow or a derailment, and the Chaleur cars went to Halifax instead.  I don't know how they would have dealt with it taking an extra day for them to get back to Montreal, perhaps they put together a second consist.

Whatever happened, here is the combined Ocean/Chaleur, train 15, at Debert, NS on January 12, 2003.  The two baggage cars are together behind the 3 F40s, which is unusual, but the Chaleur consist is behind them, and then the Ocean behind the Chaleur.


Date: 01/12/23 11:30
Re: 20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean
Author: newtonville150

If you hadn't said "Ocean" I could easily assume that was the "Canadian".


Date: 01/12/23 11:40
Re: 20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean
Author: SPDRGWfan

Take off eh?!  Three dome cars.  I don't know much about the great white north but it's a nice photo!

Date: 01/13/23 06:25
Re: 20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean
Author: NPRocky

Is there any more word on whether VIA's planning to go back to all-Budd on the Ocean?  I understand they want to retire the Renaissance Fleet as soon as possible.  Obviously that would mean a shorter Canadian and a shorter Ocean.

Date: 01/13/23 10:38
Re: 20 Years Ago - 3 Domes on the Ocean
Author: jp1822

VIA is operating a hybrid of Ex-CP Budd built stainless steel equipment, along with Renaissance cars for the two Ocean consists at present. Hard to believe the Budd's are back in the Maritimes full-time again. Never thought we'd see them again in the Maritimes after the Renaissance cars took over, expanding VIA's car fleet by a third in the process. But 20 some years later, the Renaisance cars are in need of retirement - didn't hold up in colder temp operations etc. etc. 

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