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Date: 01/13/23 12:49
A couple questions about VIA's Canadian
Author: jcaestecker

Greetings All,

A dear friend who knows my wife and I will be traveling on the Canadian next fall sent me a beautiful softcover guidebook that he was given on his first trip back in '93.  It makes mention that at every division point the mileposts go back to zero.  Question 1:  Is that still true today?  Question 2:  Is a similar book or even a basic route guide still provided to sleeping car passengers?

Thank you in advance to all who respond.


Date: 01/13/23 13:06
Re: A couple questions about VIA's Canadian
Author: viatrainrider

Yes, numbers drop back to zero.  And numbers are in miles, not KM.

Believe there are route guides available but having made the trip many times have now not been looking for them.

Have a great trip and enjoy all that is available on the train, great food, domes, beautiful Park car.

Date: 01/13/23 15:31
Re: A couple questions about VIA's Canadian
Author: DrawingroomA

This is the most recent route guide which may or may not be available on board the Canadian. This inconsistency is regrettable..


When the sleeping car and dining car service was upgraded to Silver and Blue Class in April 1992 VIA provided all sleeper passengers with a detailed booklet called: "Enchanting Horizons."  Sadly this was discontinued not too long after. There is a lavish soft-covered book provided to those in Prestige Class. It appears not to be available to others even for a charge.

Date: 01/13/23 19:54
Re: A couple questions about VIA's Canadian
Author: jcaestecker

Thank you both.  Enchanting Horizons is the book that my friend gifted to me.  I will take that one with me as well as the more recent one after I print it out.  I have not been to Canada since 1970 (a visit to the Manoir Richeleau in QC with my grandparents) when I was twelve so I am prepared to be enchanted with the changes and the warmth of the people which I remember well.

Bon chance!


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