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Canadian Railroads > Savage hammerhead in Alberta

Date: 01/21/23 13:17
Savage hammerhead in Alberta
Author: Guitartrain

Savage Alberta Railway S/B train 459 at MP 32 on the Grande Cache South Sub. Ex Conrail C39-8-7480 is on the point. 10:35AM on 9-11-06 south of Hanlon, Alberta.

Date: 01/21/23 15:48
Re: Savage hammerhead in Alberta
Author: moonliter

Boy, the 1st thing that popped into my mind when reading your title was an ALCO RS-3 like the one at the museum in Rush, NY.  I guess it's an age thing, LOL

From the museum's website."Lehigh Valley No. 211 was originally built by Alco for the Pennsylvania Railroad in December 1953 and was delivered as PRR 8445. It is unique in that it has a raised short hood used to house the dynamic brakes and a steam generator for heating passenger cars. For obvious reasons it soon got the nickname “Hammerhead.” It is the only survivor of a group of five RS-3s built with a high short hood for PRR and Western Maryland Railway, and one of only a handful of surviving Conrail rebuilds where the Alco prime mover was replaced with an EMD."

Nice photo regardless.

Gerry Gaugl
Ottawa, ON

Date: 01/21/23 16:42
Re: Savage hammerhead in Alberta
Author: feclark

That's a grabber of a photo!

Date: 01/25/23 15:57
Re: Savage hammerhead in Alberta
Author: ns1000

Nice pic!!

Date: 01/26/23 03:41
Re: Savage hammerhead in Alberta
Author: nydepot

The C39-8 were called Hammerheads due to the radiators sticking out so far. Think hammerhead sharks.

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