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Canadian Railroads > Northlander Arrives in Toronto in 2001

Date: 03/13/23 20:12
Northlander Arrives in Toronto in 2001
Author: erielackawanna

Back in May of 2001 I was executive producing a Fox Network television movie (The Glow) in Toronto. I had no intention of trying to shoot any photos at Toronto Union Station. I'd been to Toronto on previous productions and knew that the doors to the platforms all had "No Trespassing" signs on them. One day, however, we shot on the sidewalk right in front of the station (just a hand-held walk and talk on a city street scene). I had my camera with me and knew when the Northlander was due in. I wondered if there was a way to pull off getting a shot. Thinking I'd end up at the glass walkway on the west side of the station, I just walked around the station first to see if there was another option. One of the platform staircases had the doors hooked open. With the doors open, there was no no trespassing sign. Having shot the Northlander through the glass walkway on a previous trip I thought, "What the heck, I can say I didn't see a sign." I walked up the steps, passing a conductor or trainman climbing off an LRC set who gave me a double take look, but didn't stop me. I walked all way east, beyond the train shed, and waited, hoping the train would come before I got thrown out. I looked behind me and sure enough, two uniformed railroad police were walking towards me. Damn it. Then I looked the other way to ignore them, and there was the headlight. Here came the Northlander. As the two cops got closer and closer, and yelled out a greeting to me, I got my shots. This is Ontario Northland train #122 on May 16, 2001. FP7 #2002 leads. I turned around after the second shot, took a going away, and saw the two officers standing next to me. They were friendly at first. I wasn't allowed out there, but I wasn't in trouble. They gave me a "ticket" that was really just a warning. They escorted me back down to the station. One officer then said something to me about obeying the law, and I said, "I didn't see a no trespassing sign." I pushed it too far. She suddenly got enraged and ordered me out of the station. I thought she was going to follow me out and get me in trouble with my crew. Luckily she didn't... and in the end, I got my shot.

(Yes, I replaced the sky in the second shot... After cleaning the noise in it became blotchy and I couldn't fix it.)

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Date: 03/13/23 20:27
Re: Northlander Arrives in Toronto in 2002
Author: krm152

That is an operation that was defibnitely under photographed.
Thanks for posting your interesting photos.

Date: 03/18/23 21:30
Re: Northlander Arrives in Toronto in 2002
Author: TheCurator


I wonder if 2002 will ever ride again...

July 2009

Date: 03/19/23 20:00
Re: Northlander Arrives in Toronto in 2001
Author: feclark

Great story!

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