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Date: 03/14/23 12:05
A Saturday Morning Chase
Author: cn6218

I got a tip from John Reay Saturday morning that Z120 had gone past the Evans detector (mile 89, Springhill Sub) in New Brunswick at 07:12 that morning.  Since Saturday was the last day before Daylight Savings Time, it was already quite light out, and I had a hunch I could get to Folly Lake before the train did if I didn't waste any time.  The timing worked out well, with about a 10 minute wait at the east end of Folly Lake, mile 23 of the Springhill, before the train showed up at 08:55, hauled by a pair of ex-leaser ES44ACs.  There was also ET44AC 3212 as the mid train DPU.

The next photo here is nearing Brookfield, NS, about mile 57 of the Bedford Sub.  The tail end passed the mile 59 detector a few seconds later, reading 466 axles and a speed of 46 mph.

There was a bit of talk between the RTC and the train as they approached Windsor Jct.  Apparently the mile 16 HBD was out of service (at least the axle temperature monitoring part), and with one "dangerous" car in the train, a load of propane, they would have to stop and do an inspection.  A foreman working on the HBD offered to inspect them as they rolled past, but apparently that was not deemed to be in compliance with the rules, and as they passed me once again at Bedford Quarry (mile 13),  2767 and 3980 were slowing to a stop.


Date: 03/14/23 17:37
Re: A Saturday Morning Chase
Author: NiagaraMike

2 CitiRails leading is rare, good shots!

Date: 03/15/23 15:32
Re: A Saturday Morning Chase
Author: ns1000

Nice pics!!

Date: 03/15/23 15:44
Re: A Saturday Morning Chase
Author: newtonville150

Sweet shots Geoff, especially the first one!


Date: 03/19/23 20:02
Re: A Saturday Morning Chase
Author: feclark

newtonville150 Wrote:
> Sweet shots Geoff, especially the first one!
> ...jr

Agreed; so punchy!

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