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Canadian Railroads > GEXR GP15-1

Date: 03/15/23 17:19
Author: NiagaraMike

A GP15-1 painted in B & LE like paint ( orange body, black top) was stting at the East or north end of Welland Ontario yard.
Had white GEXR lettering on the long hood and was numbered 1565.

Anyone with info on whats happening with it can chime in!!! Was not in an area to get a pic of it.

Date: 03/15/23 23:43
Re: GEXR GP15-1
Author: kgrantly

4 pics of that unit in Buffalo, March 8,2023.

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Date: 03/16/23 04:13
Re: GEXR GP15-1
Author: NiagaraMike

Thanks-thats the oe!

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