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Canadian Railroads > Holiday Ocean in Moncton, NB

Date: 08/28/23 17:51
Holiday Ocean in Moncton, NB
Author: cn6218

One hallmark of the holiday Oceans is that they often run on a different schedule that the usual trains.  In previous years this was because the Chaleur ran as a separate train west of Matapédia, and the Ocean was renumbered 614/165.  But even though the Gaspé train had been canceled by 2014, the eastbound left Halifax at 11:00 instead of the usual 13:00.  This put them in Moncton about 5 hours later, just as the sun was setting, for some spectacular glint.  On December 27, VIA 15 was pulling out of the station track at mile 125 of the Springhill Sub, and heading for the next stop in Rogersville, NB.  As the train passed the location once known as "West End", the Budd stainless steel caught the last rays of sunlight on a snowless winter day.

Date: 08/28/23 19:11
Re: Holiday Ocean in Moncton, NB
Author: refarkas

Two true golden-light beauties.

Date: 08/28/23 19:14
Re: Holiday Ocean in Moncton, NB
Author: King_Coal

Very fine catch. Thanks for sharing.

Date: 08/28/23 20:19
Re: Holiday Ocean in Moncton, NB
Author: feclark

Great shots, and a neat S-curve leaving the station.

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