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Date: 09/21/23 05:56
Rogers Pass
Author: leon

Good morning my neighbors to the northwest,

Where would I find more photographs of the Rodgers Pass rail line
with the original railroad towns that were water and coal stops that are
no longer in existence?  

Thanks much,


Date: 09/21/23 17:21
Re: Rogers Pass
Author: NiagaraMike

John Gardens book on Nicolas Morant has lots of old shots, but may be hard to find!

Date: 09/21/23 17:39
Re: Rogers Pass
Author: Maximus

I would suggest contacting the Railroad Museum in Revelstoke, British Columbia. Revelstoke is the first city west of Rogers Pass. Most of the train service and maintenance people who work the Rogers Pass section of the railroad live in Revelstoke.

Date: 09/21/23 18:29
Re: Rogers Pass
Author: Lackawanna484

Van Horne's Road by Omer Lavallee  also has an extensive section on building and operating the mountain lines.

Date: 09/21/23 20:55
Re: Rogers Pass
Author: greasemonkey

The Revelstoke Railway Museum has a series of books on the area.  Great info in them, and TONS of pictures.


Date: 09/22/23 05:28
Re: Rogers Pass
Author: leon

I wish to thank you all for the help with my inquiry. 

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