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Date: 05/14/24 18:16
VIA Rail Annual Report 2023
Author: DrawingroomA

Date: 05/15/24 06:08
Re: VIA Rail Annual Report 2023
Author: joemvcnj

Look at their portion of the Maple Leaf: Subsidy Per Passenger Mile C$1.69 (worse than the Ocean's), revenue/cost ratio = 21%,their fares are ridiculous, priced out of the market, and then there's customs theatre if crossing the border. Few people ride it.  

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Date: 05/15/24 15:10
Re: VIA Rail Annual Report 2023
Author: DrawingroomA

Regarding the Toronto - Niagara Falls Maple Leaf, we can see that the subsidy per passenger is not available for 2023. In the annual report for 2022 the subsidy per passenger was $165.09 and per passenger mile it was worse than in 2013: $2.07.

In the peak season that train carries a lot of people on the Canadian side.  One time I boarded in Oakville with three others and it was very crowded. The service manager encouraged us to sit in the lounge section so we could sit together.  I have used that train many times but never to or from the US.  VIA's fares to Niagara Falls, Ontario, start at $25 if purchased in advance. GO Transit offers more trains per day at lower fares, but we sometimes take the Maple Leaf for a more comfortable trip.

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