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Canadian Railroads > L507 in Truro, NS

Date: 05/16/24 13:28
L507 in Truro, NS
Author: cn6218

April 25th was a productive for me in the Truro area.  After seeing Z120 in Brookfield, Mile 57.3, Bedford Sub (trainorders.com) I continued on to Truro, the division point between the Bedford and Springhill Subs and also the connection to the CBNS.  Z120 met L507 at Alton, and 40 minutes later the manifest freight from Dartmouth was passing the VIA station in Truro.  ES44AC 3945 and ET44AC 3236 along with GP40-2L 9591 (Dartmouth roadswitcher) had just entered the Springhill Sub when I took this first photo.

A few seconds later they were passing the end of the strip mall where the Engine Room Beverage Room is located.  The track in the foreground is the east leg of the Truro wye and connection to Truro Yard.  The mileage for the Hopewell Sub starts where it leaves the main line at 63.84.

507 almost always backs into Truro Yard from the Springhill Sub, and that's what is happening in the final frame, with the conductor riding the last autorack.  The whole train will be shoved into an empty track, and then the power will pick up the CBNS and local cars before coupling them onto the original train.  The cars to be picked up have usually been inspected by a carman, so a full brake test is not required and since the SBU has stayed on the same car, no SBU test is required either.  The whole process usually takes about an hour before they call the RTC for a light to leave the yard and head for Moncton.


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