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Date: 05/23/24 18:08
GP38 on the Beach
Author: cn6218

It was late afternoon, August 6, 2014 and it was starting to rain as CBNS train 301 headed west across the beach at Florence.  For some reason I only discovered this location rather late in the game, and have very few pictures here.  Coincidentally it's also the most northerly point with rails in Nova Scotia, although these ones haven't seen a train since 2015.  Here's a Google Map of the area, https://www.google.com/maps/@46.2491177,-60.2600186,14.5z?authuser=0&entry=ttu

The single GP38-2, LLPX 2259, has mosty empties, propane, grain, building supplies and cement, on behind, but one of those boxcars was cardboard going for recycling.  With the late hour and gloomy weather, I broke for home at this point (another four hour drive), but I would make a couple more trips to Cape Breton later that fall to record some of the last trains to Sydney.


Date: 05/23/24 19:04
Re: GP38 on the Beach
Author: refarkas

Neat scene.

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