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Date: 05/26/24 16:32
F40 Flash Back
Author: cn6218

The F40PH-2Ds weren't exactly new when I took this picture, but this pair was still wearing their original paint scheme on October 20, 1998.  6436 was delivered from GMD in 1989, while 6410 trailing was built in 1986.  Both are still on the VIA roster, although they were rebuilt with separate HEP generators and other upgrades to F40PH-3 status in 2009-2012.  

The Ocean is heading east through Windsor Jct. on the now-gone south track.  to the right of 6436 is a crossover between the two main lines at mile 15.14, and another switch to a siding that paralleled the north track.  Beside the first coach is another switch to a siding used on the south side of the mains for interchange with the Windsor & Hantsport, and years earlier for a scrap yard.  It's all gone now, with just the north track remaining for the main line, and a single switch to the Dartmouth Sub back at mile 15.6.


Date: 05/26/24 17:32
Re: F40 Flash Back
Author: texchief1

Nice look back, Geoff!


Date: 05/26/24 18:21
Re: F40 Flash Back
Author: refarkas

Good-looking train.

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