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Canadian Railroads > July strike: CP, CN, and border agency?

Date: 05/30/24 06:40
July strike: CP, CN, and border agency?
Author: Lackawanna484

The Wall Street Journal has an article today about the possibility of simultaneous strikes in June and July involving the two major railroads and the national border control agency. Although the border control workers are essential workers and are required to work, a half day 2021 "work to the rule" day created widespread turmoil across Canada.

The 2021 action caused hours long delays for trains and trucks seeking to enter Canada.

Date: 05/30/24 17:02
Re: July strike: CP, CN, and border agency?
Author: dxm332

Railways / rail unions will be legislated into arbitration settlement if they strike.
Basically a game of chicken between unions and railways.
Gov usually allows a strike for a few days then recalls parliament.

Border agency wants to be paid like large city police/RCMP.
Again if it effects the economy it will be legislated
Significant percentage (90%) of cbsa are essential workers but when they work by the book it causes massive delays at the ports of entry.

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Date: 06/07/24 21:05
Re: July strike: CP, CN, and border agency?
Author: wabash2800

The same thing happens here in the States. It doesn't matter what party or president is in power.

Victor Baird

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