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Date: 06/01/24 11:58
No 1 05-29
Author: exrtc

Anyone know what is going on with No 1?  He appears to have backed up to Edson.

Chris Rye.

Date: 06/01/24 13:52
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: exrtc

Sounds like CN put one on the ground near Hinton early this morning (Saturday).

Chris Rye

Date: 06/01/24 14:13
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: kgrantly

Saw this a few minutes ago on my yahoo news feed.
TSB investigating derailment on CN line in northwestern Alberta
HINTON, Alta. — The Transportation Safety Board is sending a team
to investigate an early morning train derailment in
northwestern Alberta.

33 minutes ago
And #1 headed back to Edmonton?
East of Evansburg now.

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Date: 06/01/24 15:27
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: DrawingroomA

Date: 06/01/24 16:11
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: jp1822

Too bad they couldn't have offloaded the Jasper passengers at Edson (about 100 miles from Jasper) or closer to Hinton (as safe as possible). Hinton is about 50 miles from Jasper. And maybe VIA did - who knows! Jasper is a big turnover point for passengers, so just saying that it may have been able to relieve VIA of some passenger responsibility if they could have brought buses to pickup the Jasper passengers. There are PLENTY of tour buses in Jasper available, just a matter of trying to find a company with enough to shuttle the passengers, I understand that. The status times of VIA #1 (29) seems a bit off, as the train is back in Edmonton. Will it be terminated there and head back east? Bus-bridge between Edmonton and Jasper (for passenger to and from)? Vancouver bound passengers from VIA #1 could likely get flown to Vancouver from Edmonton, if they don't think the railroad will open soon enough. Again, I know this is a lot of spit bawling!

Date: 06/02/24 03:52
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: TomPittsfieldMA

1 (29) shows as 10:12 late at Hinton, made up three hours with early departure from Jasper, currently 11:11 late at Clearwater.

2 (31) lost 1:30 between Jasper and Hinton and 5:31 between Viking and Edmonton, now running 6:46 late.

So it appears both trains got through.

Date: 06/02/24 05:46
Re: No 1 05-29
Author: P

Nothing got through. About 20 loads were stacked up accordian style in the middle of the woods.
From other sites, it was reported that 1 and 2 reversed direction with a possible bus bridging the closed trackage.

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