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Date: 06/03/24 14:21
24 Years Ago Today in the Maritimes
Author: cn6218

24 years ago today I was on my way back home from St. Andrews, New Brunswick and had some luck with both VIA's Ocean and a CN freight.

At Sackville, NB I caught the westbound Ocean crossing the Tantramar River as it entered town with Kool Aid F40PH 6406 leading the way.  These twin 250-ft. through truss spans were built c. WWI during a major upgrading of the Intercolonial between Moncton and Halifax.  The bridge was built wide enough to accommodate two tracks (as were many other bridges), but the second was never added.

An hour or so later, and about 10 miles to the east, I shot CN train 105 passing the Amherst, NS station.  105 had typical power for the 5000-ft. trains of the day, a new SD75I leading a rebuilt SD40-3.  GP38-2 4726 and the 7000-series GP9RM were likely just switching power from Halifax, going back to Montreal for servicing.  At the time, the sandstone station still served VIA passengers, more recently it has been taken over by a pizza restaurant, with a small area available to passengers.  At least that is better than Sackville, where the station remains locked up and not available for waiting passengers at all.


Date: 06/03/24 14:58
Re: 24 Years Ago Today in the Maritimes
Author: refarkas

Beautiful scenes.

Date: 06/03/24 17:17
Re: 24 Years Ago Today in the Maritimes
Author: 3rdswitch

Nice pair.

Date: 06/05/24 10:52
Re: 24 Years Ago Today in the Maritimes
Author: texchief1

Very n ice, Geoff!


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