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Date: 11/09/12 01:11
Innotrans 2012 (16), E4MSU "Griffin" of ZNLE
Author: McKey

One of the refreshing designs of a new (to me at least) rolling stock builder was the Polish ZNLEs E4MSU. The first look talk the same design language as the earlier Siemens Taurus (ES64U2) locomotives. The Taurus product line was discontinued due to new crash norms in the summer and this leaves some room to ride with the success of this interesting design. Both ZNLE and Pesa seemed to be exploiting this gap at Innotrans 2012.

Above E4MSU Griffin and below for comparison Richard's picture of ES64U2 "Taurus".

Griffin is a typical European loco in the sense that its power is 5,6 MW (7509 Hp) and runs on Bo'Bo' trucks a maximum speed somewhere between 140 km/h to 200 km/h depending on the configuration. There is also a diesel "Dragon" variant of 2,3 MW (3700 Hp). This leads these locos campaigning at the same segment as the offerings of Bombardier (TRAXX) and Siemens (Vectron).

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Date: 11/09/12 01:17
Re: Innotrans 2012 (16), E4MSU "Griffin" of ZNLE
Author: McKey

Lets take a closer look at the Griffings bogie and design.

What do you think would this bogie qualify running on higher speeds?

And what is this box of Bombardier hanging on the bogie side? Maybe to do with train control systems?

The camera is used here too instead of now obsolidated mirrors to see behind.

Date: 11/09/12 01:20
Re: Innotrans 2012 (16), E4MSU "Griffin" of ZNLE
Author: McKey

Lets take a look at some angles to the industrial design of the loco!

What do you think? (Sorry, I'm again asking about tastes...)

Date: 11/15/12 20:41
Re: Innotrans 2012 (16), E4MSU "Griffin" of ZNLE
Author: 567Chant

Regarding cameras in lieu of mirrors:
newer submarines employ 'photonics masts' instead of the traditional optical periscope.
This allows greater flexibility in the overall hull design.
I wonder what advantages the aft-facing camera provide.
Glare reduction? Night vision?

Date: 11/16/12 00:02
Re: Innotrans 2012 (16), E4MSU "Griffin" of ZNLE
Author: McKey

Yeap, the picture was pretty impressive when the monitors were on in some locos. Besides this adds a capacity for an extra 4 surveillance cameras for what is happening around the train, maybe even when the loco is not in use. To me it looked like some of these cams can see even in poor lighting conditions (in black and white), but maybe someone can confirm this?

567Chant Wrote:
> Glare reduction? Night vision?

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