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Date: 11/08/16 05:14
London-Cardiff electrification postponed
Author: ctillnc

Date: 11/08/16 10:00
Re: London-Cardiff electrification postponed
Author: 86235

ctillnc Wrote:
> http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-oxfordshire-3
> 7908735
> No surprise.

If this is correct, and it seems likely, London to Cardiff is still in the plan for 2018, it is Didcot to Oxford, Bristol Parkway to Temple Meads and the Thames Valley branches which have been deferred. Don't understand the reference to Thingly.

Date: 11/08/16 16:08
Re: London-Cardiff electrification postponed
Author: Hartington

Thingley Junction is one of the places where electricty will be taken from the National Grid.   If you don't complete to Thingley you have a problem!

The new 800/801 trains will be able to switch between electric and diesel propulsion on the fly.   They are 125 mph capable train under electric power but only 100 mph on diesel and people are getting worked up that this will mean longer journey times but the line west of Thingley isn't 125 territory.   Neither is Filton Bank between Bristol Temple Meads and Parkway.

The aspect that has me a liitle confused is Didcot to Oxford.   It's a wild guess but I suspect we'll see trains that currently run through from east of Didcot to Oxford serving local stations terminate at Didcot with a diesel shuttle to Oxford.   I can see that going down like a lead balloon!

Date: 11/08/16 23:25
Re: London-Cardiff electrification postponed
Author: 86235

Thanks, I didn't realise there was a grid supply point at Thingley. What a dog's breakfast of a project. NR don't seem to have learnt any lessons from the WCML Modernisation debacle.

I guess the powers that be at Marylebone will be rubbing their hands if Oxford to Paddington requires a change at Didcot.

Date: 11/12/16 09:22
Re: London-Cardiff electrification postponed
Author: Hartington

Radley, Culham and Appleford are the stations that I can see losing service to points east of Didcot.   Oxford will have at least one IEP off the Cotswolds line contuing to points east of Didcot every hour.   I also believe there will be a London/Oxford IEP terminator.   Between them that means a half hourly frequency.

I can see some peak services at Culham (which has some incoming commuters) and Radley but I'm speculating.

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