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Date: 01/31/17 01:25
Author: 86235

As I posted earlier, last Tuesday (January 24th) a freight train derailed on one of the most critical sections of the Southeastern commuter network, throwing services into chaos for much of the day. Once Network Rail had appraised what needed to be done an emergency timetable was implemented which meant no through trains on the line between Lewisham and Dartford via Sidcup, which is normally used by almost all the freight trains which originate or terminate in the North Kent area, E-SE of London.

Recovering the two derailed wagons, removing the spilled load of aggregate, replacing both plain track and switches, repairing damaged signalling and restoring the third rail took a few days, which resulted in said freight trains being diverted between Lewisham and Dartford via Blackheath and Bexleyheath or Blackheath and Charlton. I was particularly interested in getting some pictures of trains along the Bexleyheath line, which has been devoid of scheduled freight since the end of intermodal services to Thamesport back in 2014.

So on Saturday I took myself off to Barnehurst, which is the last station on the Bexleyheath line before the junctions and return loops with the Charlton & Sidcup lines. Here are three of the trains I saw, all framed by the brick arches of the two bridges immediately west of the station. It looks quite rural but in reality isn't!  

1: 59102 Village of Chantry on the 6V18 empty stone hoppers from the Allington terminal near Maidstone back to Acton Yard in West London

2: In the opposite direction GBRf 66726 Institute of Railway Operators on the 6O60 Ferme Park (a stone terminal in North London) to Tonbridge

3: And again but taken from the other side of the track, 66050 on the 6O98 from Park Royal to Angerstein Wharf. Again another empty stone train, this time from an unloading point in West London.

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Date: 01/31/17 09:43
Re: Arches
Author: CPRR

VERY nice Nick. Any age dates on the bridges?

Date: 01/31/17 10:40
Re: Arches
Author: 86235

Thanks, the Bexleyheath Railway was quite a late addition, built in the 1890s, promoted by local landowners to help inflate land values.

Date: 01/31/17 14:28
Re: Arches
Author: krm152

Most interesting photos of Victorian structures that limit clearances for motive power and rolling stock.

Date: 02/01/17 14:10
Re: Arches
Author: 55002

Excellent, Nick. Photo 2 is beautifully framed. chris uk

Date: 02/02/17 13:02
Re: Arches
Author: 86235

Thanks Chris, that skew elliptical arch bridge does make a good prop.

Date: 02/03/17 01:35
Re: Arches
Author: spflow

86235 Wrote:
> Thanks Chris, that skew elliptical arch bridge
> does make a good prop.

I agree, but am I right in thinking it is especially unusual for having the point of the ellipse (or parabola?) at the top rather than the flat side (eg like Maidenhead?). Whichever way it's amaxzing brickwork.

Date: 02/03/17 04:54
Re: Arches
Author: 86235

Yes that's right.

Date: 02/09/17 12:52
Re: Arches
Author: boiler77

And that structures living on 130 yrs ago. Great.


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