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Date: 03/26/17 15:45
Tbilisi Georgia Airport Train
Author: andersonb109

Does anyone have any experience with the airport train in Tbilisi, Georgia?  We will be there next month and it looks like a cheaper and faster way to get to downtown than a taxi. Thanks in advance for any insight. 

Date: 03/26/17 16:43
Re: Tbilisi Georgia Airport Train
Author: 86235

Just two trains a day each way according to Today's Railways - Europe, the March edition has a feature about Georgian Railways

Date: 03/26/17 18:36
Re: Tbilisi Georgia Airport Train
Author: tq-07fan

Hello Andersonb109

I looked at the bus website for Tbilisi (don't ask me to pronounce that). Actually a decent bus website once you figure it out. Buses start from the airport on Rt 37 ever fifteen minutes weekdays and twenty minutes apart weekends. Looked like a little over an hour trip to downtown for 0.50 GEL. Lot less than 25 GEL for a taxi. 


I added the screen capture. You will have to go to the Timetables then select what ever route you want and then it has the part I like, the timetable by stop feature.

The Georgia Tbilisi Airport website has the train schedule in the information under the train icon. It has a nice picture and a really nice description of the station but then only has the two trips a day as mentioned by Nick.

Have Fun!


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Date: 03/27/17 05:29
Re: Tbilisi Georgia Airport Train
Author: andersonb109

Thanks Nick. I had seen the airport web site. And found it confusing. I almost took it to mean that the times indicated were the first and last trains of the day from each end point. It wouldn't make sense to run only two times per day from such a busy airport. The excellent "Man in Seat 61" makes no mention of the service.   I guess we will find out when we arrive. 

Date: 03/27/17 13:16
Re: Tbilisi Georgia Airport Train
Author: pennengineer

Considering that Georgian Railways (like many things in the country) is really struggling, the two trains per day to the airport is entirely plausible (I vaguely recall a similar number the last time I looked into the situation).

I've been to Tbilisi a few times and wouldn't necessarily recommend the bus from the airport. In light of the buying power of the American dollar there (read: things are dirt cheap) and the thoroughly baffling nature of the Georgian alphabet (with the exception of the airport, signage in Russian or English is spotty at best), unless you're looking for an uncomfortable and long bus adventure, a taxi is the way to go. Or, better yet, have your hotel arrange for a driver to pick you up.

Enjoy Georgia. Though the country is not without its problems, it offers great food and stunning scenery.

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