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Date: 09/30/18 10:07
Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: Duna

1) Class EP2K C-C electric locomotive.
2) Paveletskaya Metro.
3) Ploschad'Revolyutsii Metro. There are 76 bronze sculptures, several of which have become considered imparting good luck if rubbed. This one represents a border guard & dog, good for luck on that particular day (students taking tests, etc).

Date: 09/30/18 10:08
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: Duna

4) Novokuznetskaya Metro.
5) MU'd Tatra T3s at Komsomol'skaya station, Volgograd (Ex-Stalingrad, nee Tsaritsyn). Location of the largest battle in the history of warfare, the turning point of WWII in Europe. A portion of the tram system operates underground.
6) Inside the trailer. Not as nice as trams in Moscow, but still safe and reliable. Fare was about 25 cents.

Date: 09/30/18 10:10
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: Duna

7) Freight train outside of Volgograd.
8) Volgograd Vokzal (Railway station), site of a 2013 Islamist terrorist bombing that killed 16. Statue on the right honors the children killed.
9) Rear of a T3 set at Mamaev Kurgan station. Cars are advertising OBI, a big-box home improvement chain.

Date: 09/30/18 10:13
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: Duna

10) A more modern tram at Mamaev Kurgan.
11) T3s meet.
12) "The Motherland Calls" atop Mamaev Kurgan. About twice the height of the Statue of Liberty (less her base), it commerates the battle in which 480,000 Soviets died. About 35,000 are buried under the hill.

This ends the series.

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Date: 09/30/18 13:54
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: boejoe

Thanks so much for this interesting and informative series.

Date: 09/30/18 14:01
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: alamedafrank

Amazing! If the trains are not enough, the buildings  and memorials of their peoples sacrifices in WW2 are very moving. Thank you, Frank

Date: 09/30/18 21:15
Re: Russia, May 2018 - Part 7
Author: norm1153

Thank you for this series!


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