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Date: 01/17/19 15:19
Tough Winter in Switzerland
Author: SOO6617

2019 has seen the new year start with heavy snowfalls in the Alps with closures of many of the mountain passes due to the severe risk of Avalanches. The Gotthard Pass, Lötschberg Pass, Albula Pass, and the Oberalp Pass have been closed at various points during the last week. The Rhätische Bahn was particularly hard hit with the Albula line to St. Moritz closed from Preda to Bever, the Arosa line completely closed, the Surselva line closed from Sumvitg all the way to Disentis-Müster, the Prattigäu line from Klösters to Davos, and the Engadin line closed from Cinuos-chel-Brail to Susch. So St. Moritz was cutoff except via the Bernina line from Italy.

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Date: 01/18/19 03:52
Re: Tough Winter in Switzerland
Author: andersonb109

But on the positive side, if Amtrak were in charge, the entire country would be shut down unitl at least April. 

Date: 01/20/19 03:52
Re: Tough Winter in Switzerland
Author: 55002

Seen some cracking snow photos of stuff on the move, on other photo sites. If it were the UK, 1" of snow and a frost and we'd grind to a total halt. Chris uk.

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