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Date: 01/20/19 10:37
Finland Sleeping Car Trains
Author: andersonb109

I haven't seen any postings from Finland for some time. As I recall, someone used to post photos  here frequently.  Anyway, I'm participating in a steam photo charter in Finland in June. And thinking of doing some passenger train riding prior....particularly one of the overnight services to northern Finland (Lapland). Any advice, opinions, or insight would be appreciated. I did find schedules and web site where rooms can be purchased on line. Thanks in advance.

Date: 01/20/19 16:35
Re: Finland Sleeping Car Trains
Author: march_hare

I did a Helsinki to Stockholm trip in the early 1980s. Overnight to Rovaniemi in coach (couldn’t get accommodations) but the broad gauge made for a comfortable seat. 

Time warp fact here:  our baggage car had truss rods!  Never have seen such a car in revenue service elsewhere except on preserved railways. 

The trip across the border into Sweden was in a dmu, quite rough riding as I recall. Pretty good load factor on my trip, stopping at dairy towns along the way. Pleasant countryside but no big soaring peaks. You’re right around the arctic circle at this point, so if the polar front is in it’s normal position, cloudy damp weather is to be expected. 

If if you’ve never had reindeer for dinner, by all means try some. Quite tasty. Couldn’t figure out if I was having Donner or Blitzen. 

Date: 01/21/19 06:34
Re: Finland Sleeping Car Trains
Author: GPutz

In August 2004 I rode the overnight train from Turku to Oulu.  I bought a 5-day railpass and paid an additional 15 Euro for a bunk in a 4-bunk room; but I was the only one in the room.  It was a very comfortable ride, except for switching in Tampore around mid-night to combine with cars from Helsinki.  I always enjoyed my travels by rail in Finland.  Gerry

Date: 02/05/19 05:06
Re: Finland Sleeping Car Trains
Author: marku51

We took the sleeper from Turku to Rovamiemi and then from Rovaniemi to Helsinki in January of 2018. We had no complaints--plenty of space in the bunks, free wi-fi. Probably the only complaint that I would make is that the station in Rovaniemi isn't very big, so when we were waiting around for the train it was pretty crowded (since it was the middle of winter no-one wanted to wait outside). If I remember correctly there was a local service which departs not long before the sleeper, so the sleeper is only in the platform for a short time before departure. There are luggage lockers at the station, but if you want to get one I'd recomend dropping your luggage off early as there aren't many. 

Rovaniemi isn't a massive town, so you can walk from the station into the central district, there are also some resturants and stores close to the station.

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