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Date: 01/27/19 09:18
Slovakia-Ukraine border question
Author: dwatry

Anyone on TO have experience driving across the Slovakia-Ukraine border at Uzhorod starting from the Slovakia side?  The rental car company says it's OK with extra insurance but wondering what the reality is at the border.  Also wondering if having a US passport (as opposed to an EU passport) complicates things.  Some accounts I have read have said that some border crossings are only for EU and Ukrainian citizens. 

Thanks in advance!

Date: 01/27/19 14:37
Re: Slovakia-Ukraine border question
Author: NormSchultze

Contact the Embassy.  They will have your answer.

Date: 01/28/19 06:39
Re: Slovakia-Ukraine border question
Author: Milepost_130

In February, 2018, a friend of mine and I drove his Swiss-registered private vehicle from Slovakia, through Ukraine, to Romania.  We crossed the border at Tiszabecsi Határátkelőhely, Slovakia.  At the Ukraine side of the border, we were required to produce:
• Our Passports
• Driver's License (for the driver, me (a California Driver's License was produced, and was accepted.))
• Original copy of the vehicle's registration (in this case, Swiss)

Proof of insurance was not demanded by the Ukrainian Immigration or Customs officials.  That said, the car rental company may require some sort of additional insurance for travel through the Ukraine.

Crossing the Ukraiian border required 30 - 45 minutes at each crossing, time spent mostly waiting for the small backlog of cars in front of us to be processed.

Note: In 2017, we also drove my friend's Swiss car from Switzerland to Romania.  As was the case in 2018, my friend's GPS attempted to route us through Ukraine.  In 2017, upon arrival at the Slovakian - Ukrainian border, we were asked to produce the aforementioned documents.  In 2017, my friend had only a photo-copy of the vehicle registration, not the original document.  In 2017, the Ukrainian border officials advised us that we would not be permitted to enter Ukraine without the original copy of the vehicle registration.  In 2017, we were required to turn-around and travel to Romania via Hungary.

At least in our experience in 2018, the roads in Ukraine could only be described as horrible.  Many potholes the size of a small bus were encountered. Six (6) hours were required to drive 100 kilometers.

While driving through Ukraine, we stopped occasionally to photograph the sights.  One image of the Svyatosemenivskyy Monastery is attached.

Date: 01/28/19 13:20
Re: Slovakia-Ukraine border question
Author: dwatry

Thanks - this is very enlightening!

Date: 01/28/19 15:41
Re: Slovakia-Ukraine border question
Author: Milepost_130

Forgot to mention: In 2018, we entered Ukraine using Passports from USA (me) and United Kingdom (my friend).  At the Ukraine border, visas were not required. No fees were charged either upon entry to or exit from Ukraine.

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