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European Railroad Discussion > DB 66: Along the Mosel, and Koblenz

Date: 02/06/19 14:16
DB 66: Along the Mosel, and Koblenz
Author: Steinzeit2

These photos were taken on a day trip over to Luxembourg and back:

1)  On the trip over, the famous bilevel bridge at Bullay

2)  On the trip back.  I was not familiar with this line, and planned to take more photos on the return trip.  I did, but the rain/overcast + ASA 25 and my pre-SLR camera combined to make more of them even unPhotoshopable.
     Note the leading four vehicles are DB, followed by French [ probably, though not necessarily, SNCF ] ones including a BD.  My notebook somewhere has the train number etc

3)  An ET/ES 85 set at Koblenz, from the train.  At that time there were three sets of these prewar railcars based at Koblenz-Mosel for the shuttle service across the Rhine.

To be continued.....

Date: 02/06/19 14:26
Re: DB 66: Along the Mosel, and Koblenz
Author: Steinzeit2

Two more photos from Koblenz on a better-weather day:

4)  01 067;  this loco was the power on the Luxembourg return photos above

5) 38 2499, with a tub tender -- and a bell.   Bells were required on locomotives that operated on certain branch lines [ condensed explanation ].  

With best regards, SZ

Date: 02/06/19 15:23
Re: DB 66: Along the Mosel, and Koblenz
Author: Bob3985

Thanks for the awesome German rail photos. Of course with a last name such as mine it is understandable.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 02/07/19 08:12
Re: DB 66: Along the Mosel, and Koblenz
Author: gregscholl

On my first trip to Europe in 1972, we flew to Luxembourg on Icelandic airways($168.00 from New York).  First night we stayed at Cochem, and they were working on the tunnel there for electrification.  Anyway traffic was down, and we saw little steam so moved on.  We had almost no reference material as to where we should go for the best action.  We only had Continental Railway Journal, which listed Shed allocations, so we looked for those places.  We did luck out with Hof, and got 01 action there, and of course Rheine-Emden line.  We visited Rotweil, and didn't have any knowledge of the area, thus missed the 038's which were apparently out when we were there.  The good news about the 75 trip was we met some other European fans, who got us connected with two things that really helped for 74 and 75 visits.  One was World Steam out of the UK (Dave Thornhill).  This gave commentary, maps, and schedules and came out about once a month so you had fairly up to date info, although some would be 2 months old by the time it arrived in the U.S.  The other was a booklet called Dampfgefurte Reiszug (Steam powered Passenger Trains).  This was great for Germany with all the schedules and so forth for the remaining steam passenger trains.  It even listed some freight runs with steam.  It even listed some ruckfahrt (Tender first) moves or doubleheaders.  
   I don't know how younger folks who have known only the internet would have managed in the 60's or 70's.  Back then it was an adventure!!!
Thanks for the shots along the Mosel.  Love the tunnel shot while riding.

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