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Date: 02/07/19 08:06
Hanau - 9/65
Author: gbmott

Today's dose of DB from 1965-66 come from a visit I made to Hanau on September 15, 1965.  Third photo is 50.433 if you can't read it.


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Date: 02/07/19 08:15
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: gbmott

. . . . and a few more.  The last one, 44.552 , was the first DB photo I took after arriving in country.  It was near Edwards Kaserne where my unit was based.  Taken at Frankfurter Berg, July 1965.  Incidentally, I had arrived by ship, the USNS General Alexander M. Patch, from Brooklyn Army Terminal to Bremerhaven (seven days).  Upon arrival in Bremerhaven there were three (I think, maybe four) troop trains lined up on the quai waiting to take us to various points in Germany.  All pretty exciting when you have never been overseas before.


Over to you, SZ!

Date: 02/07/19 11:14
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: Bob3985

More great photos Gordon. You and Greg keep up the great series.

Bob Krieger
Cheyenne, WY

Date: 02/07/19 12:11
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: cricketer8for9

It must have been exciting. Glad you made the most of it.

Date: 02/07/19 13:06
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: mundo

I arrived on the Gen Patch, July 1953.  She was the better of the Troop ship class, many were smaller tubs!.

Troop trains south,  then ended up assigned to Berlin.

Date: 02/07/19 14:20
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: boejoe

In my time, arrived Frankfurt 1960, the Rose and the Patch were the two troop ships sailing the Atlantic.  Those who did not get sea sick nor had to pull KP duty might think the trip was enjoyable, otherwise...
Our company commander lucked out: Went back to New York on the SS United States!

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Date: 02/07/19 17:53
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: tomstp

Why does the piston rod go through the front cylinder head?

Date: 02/07/19 21:19
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: norm1153

Two tours of duty in W. Germany, between 1958 and 1964.  Flew MATS for first tour but UNfortunately, sailed on the MSTS Rose both ways on the second tour.  The only good thing was that I volunteered to be the editor of the newspaper and as such, got a pass good for the entire ship, in order to pick up the news stencil from the radio room.  At one point there was a pretty good storm, and I stood in the wheelhouse for a few moments, watching the bow dip very deep into each oncoming wave, shuddering as it broke free.  Whee!

Date: 02/08/19 16:16
Re: Hanau - 9/65
Author: gbmott

tomstp Wrote:
> Why does the piston rod go through the front
> cylinder head?

ive never been clear about that, but it was a fairly common practice on US steam up to the 20s or so.  One our steam experts needs to answer this.


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