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Date: 02/08/19 18:24
DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Steinzeit2

What follows is a brief look at many, but not all, of the pre-war* electric locomotives DB was operating in 1966.  There hopefully will be a supplementary posting 'someday' of those classes which I photographed in 1966 but can't find the slides, or which I caught at a later date --  and there were a few classes [ grumble, grumble...] that I just plain missed.  I'm posting them by class numeric order rather than chronologically, and with very abbreviated overviews / histories.
   [ *  I'm aware the war began September 1, 1939, but I've included [ or will include ] classes that debuted in 1940.]

1)  E 16     With 21 examples built between 1927 and 1933 these 1-Do-1's**were Germany's first large scale fleet of fast passenger locomotives.  They used the Swiss-designed Buchli drive, which had already been proven by SBB locomotives;  the drive units were only on one side [ like a Shay ], the other side showing only wheels.  They spent their early and later years in the Munich-Salzburg corridor;  this is E 16 16 [ built 1929 by Krauss / Brown Boveri;  retired in 1973 ] at Freilassing.
        [ ** Do indicates four driving axles, each individually driven;  a side rod unit would be shown as just D ]

2)  E 17     The next group of 1-Do-1's used a different drive system;  38 were built in 1928-1930.   This is E 17 12 [ AEG / SSW in 1929, retired in 1977 ] at Munich.   The dark color of the paint is unusual;  it's as if the usual DB dark green is wearing off, exposing perhaps coat of black paint from early American occupation days ??

3)  E18      To haul heavier express passenger trains at speeds of 90 mph the E18 was developed from the E 17, resulting in the definitive prewar German express passenger locomotive, 53 being built in 1935 -1940, and two in 1955.  A good design, the Austrians started to build some before 1938, which became E 18.2's under German ownership;  after the war  they became the ÖBB's 1018 class, the ÖBB also picking up two ex-German ones.  The SJ and NSB had similar units.
    The photograph shows E 18 16 [ 1936 AEG, retired in 1984 ] passing the Freilassing locomotive depot under prewar catenary.

To be continued....


Date: 02/08/19 19:31
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Steinzeit2

4)  E 19    These were a super-18, designed to haul heavy [ by European standards ] expresses at speed over 100 mph on the level -- but also haul them up and down grades of up to 2.5%.  There were four locomotives, but of two distinct subclasses, each by a different builder:  E 19 01 and 02 by AEG, and 11 / 12 by Henschel / SSW [ Siemens Schuckert Werke ], all four being delivered in 1940.  The former were a beefed up E18, while the latter was a more advanced design. All four survived  the war, but lost their red livery and Nazi eagles of course;  books could be written about them, and have.   One of each type, restored, have been preserved.
       The photo is E 19 02 at Munich.

5)  E 32    Side rod drive 1-C-1 machines for light passenger traffic, 29 were built 1925-27.  By 1966 there were being used for light duties such as empty coaching stock workings at Munich and Frankfurt/M.
        The photo shows E 32 15 [ Maffei / BBC, 1925;  retired in '68 ] between such duties at Munich.

6)  E 44     The first class to really start the development of the all purpose, all adhesion four axle Bo-Bo locomotive with axle hung drive for main line usage, the E44 was built from 1933 through the war, and even some postwar, to a total of 189 examples;  a few of the last built had rheostatic [ dynamic ] braking or were pushpull fitted.   A good, rugged design, many lasted into the 1980's.
        E 44 098 photographed in Salzburg  was built by Henschel / SSW in 1939, and was retired in 1982.

One more post to come in this installment


Date: 02/08/19 20:01
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Krokodil

Great series, brings back memories!

Thomas Eckhardt
Hurricane Utah

Date: 02/09/19 04:22
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: gbmott

Really nice.  I had no idea so many pre-war classes still were in operation in 1966.  My world around Frankfurt/M was really dominated by E10s and E40s.  These are much more interesting!


Date: 02/09/19 09:24
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Steinzeit2

Installment 3 of 3:

7)      E 44.5      Although the prototype of 1931 was not designed with the Freilassing - Berchtesgaden branch with its sharp curves and steep grades in mind, it did so well there that eight near sisters were built in 1933 - 35 specifically for that line.
Since most through trains for the line came from Munich, reversal at Freilassing was necessary, which helped a captive fleet.  Supplemented by E44's and newer classes, they survived as 144 5xx until the late 1970's.
         The photo at Freilassing shows E 44.506  [ AEG, 1934 ] which was retired in 1977.

8)     E 60         These fourteen locomotives were built in 1927 - 1934 for switching, although they were also used for local freights and very occasionally, such as weekends, local passenger service.  They were a good rugged design, mechanically being half of an E91 C-C electric;  two lasted in service into the 1980's, but most were retired in the late 1970's.
        Another Freilassing photo, this is E 60 08, built by AEG in 1932.

9)     E 75         Unlike their E77 predecessors, which were articulated, these 1-B-B-1's had a rigid frame, but otherwise were very similar.   Thirty one examples were built in 1929 - 1931 for medium freight haulage, but they were a heavy, expensive design for what they had to do, the E44 being a more sensible follow-on.  They were being retired by the mid-sixties, with some coming to northern Germany as heating locomotives for passenger stock.
        The photo is E 75 61 [ Linke-Hofmann-Busch / Bergmann, 1928, retired in 1971 ] on empty passenger duties at Munich Hbf.  

With best regards, SZ

Date: 02/11/19 19:33
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Krokodil

Love that bell on top of the E44 in picture 7!

Thomas Eckhardt
Hurricane UT

Date: 02/12/19 12:53
Re: DB 66: Prewar electrics
Author: Steinzeit2

Regarding bells on DB electrics:  As I recall some E41's and E44's were fitted with bells -- but on which lines would they have been required ?   I always assumed Feilnbach for some reason, but what about Königssee ?   Were any of DB's ET's -- specifically ET85 / 90 cl -- ever fitted with bells ?  Anybody know ?

Best, SZ

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