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Date: 02/16/19 00:04
Romania: Steam: Narrow Gauge: Moldovița
Author: Milepost_130

A recent Farrail tour of two Romanian narrow gauge steam railways concluded Wednesday, February 13, 2019 with a special, steam-powered train at Moldovița in far eastern Romania. Power for our special train was CFF 764 404R, 0-8-0 (IUPS Reghin 501 / 1984), 760 mm gauge, wood-burner.

This railway was originally constructed in 1888, connecting the towns of Moldovița and Rososa. Initially 24 kilometers (15 miles) in length, it was eventually expanded to 73 kilometers (45 miles) in length. The present day tourist railway is 12 kilometers (7.5 miles) in length.

Weather for the final day of this tour was superb: Clear skies, fresh snow, cold temperatures and very light wind. The following images were recorded on the outskirts of Moldovița.

Image 1: CFF 764 404R Portrait
Image 2: CFF 764 404R House with Well
Image 3: CFF 764 404R Gura Lobin

CFF 764 404R, 0-8-0 (IUPS Reghin 501 / 1984), 760 mm gauge, wood-burner

The company "S.C. Calea Ferata Ingusta SRL" manages four Romanian narrow gauge tourist railways, among them the tourist railway at Moldovița: http://www.cfi.ro/index.php?p=2_8

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Date: 02/16/19 03:40
Re: Romania: Steam: Narrow Gauge: Moldovița
Author: andersonb109

You had much longer train than we did just three years ago. And I believe the line has been slightly extended. FarRail runs excellent tours, as long as you don't mind some limited sleep and meals not always a priority. Bernd even goes so far as to remove such intrusions as phony tourist names on locomotives, and has been know to go to the local hardware store for paint to correct un prototypical equipment on the day. Looks like you had a good trip.

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