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Date: 05/05/19 21:56
Budapest HEV Suburban Railway Part 1
Author: dwatry

TO member 86235 has already reported on the majority of a trip we took in Slovakia recently, and has posted his excellent photos!  I spent additional time in Hungary and Romania, so will be posting info and photos from those locations as time permits.  As a teaser, I will post my first ever videos on TO of the HEV suburban railway in Budapest.  The HEV consists of 4 discontinuous segments, all of which interchange with either the Metro or various tram lines.  HEV is not a tramline - it's more like an interurban.  It's built to mainline standards in some respects, but operates with lighter equipment than the mainline MAV services.  Consists are 6-car trains, operating on close headways of 3-4 minutes between trains.  The 2 parts of the HEV I rode are operated by MAV (the mainline operator), and have a non-revenue track connection to the mainline services, but the operations are separate and distinct from the mainline railways.  There are proposals to convert portions of the HEV to extended BKK Metro lines, but for now they retain an informal, low-tech atmosphere.  They are fun to ride!

1)  Eastbound HEV train on the 8/9-line at Matyasfold-repuloter.  Train is headed out of Budapest on a trunk with 2 lines that split at Cinkota.  Main branch goes to Godollo, with some trains taking the minor branch to Csomor.  Some trips on the Csomor branch are also operated by Desiro DMUs that operate a non-electrified segment connecting back to the Godollo line further east.  This line operates left-handed because of the junction and platform arrangement for transfers at Cinkota.  The main shops are also located at Cinkota. 

2)  Westbound HEV train heading toward Ors Vezere Ter and the Metro connection to central Budapest.  Video shot at Matyasfold-repuloter.

Audio-wise, this line reminded me of riding the old EMUs on the Lackawanna electrification.  These cars were built in 1970. 

The 8/9-lines terminate at Ors Vezer Ter, which offers a connection to central Budapest via Metro Line #2.  There are also several tram lines with a variety of equipment at Ors Vezer Ter, several trolleybus lines, and numerous diesel bus lines.  A very active interchange station with a lot going on. 

BTW - BKK has the best wayfinding signage I have seen on a citywide transit system.  It's really easy at every transfer point to figure out where to go for the line you need, even if you don't speak any Hungarian (which I don't). 

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Date: 05/06/19 05:44
Re: Budapest HEV Suburban Railway Part 1
Author: 86235

Very nice Duncan

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