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Date: 05/20/19 09:37
Stalled Train At Finse
Author: mp16

An evening train to Oslo S seems to be having engine trouble. You can see this on the Finse Webcam.

Date: 05/20/19 09:42
Re: Stalled Train At Finse
Author: mp16

Problem is now fixed and train left 20mins.late

Date: 05/20/19 10:00
Re: Stalled Train At Finse
Author: WoodwardEJ

Train 64 finally left Finse at 18:51 - 32 minutes late.  It originally stopped with the locomotive near the hotel - about half a train length west of the normal stopping point. 

After a few minutes, I noted a bright glow for a few seconds between the locomotive and the first passenger car, followed by a brief wisp of smoke rising from that location.  A short time later, several crew members were looking at that portion of the train. 

Then, about 18:40, the train moved forward about a half train length so the rear cars were along the platform.  After about 12 more minutes, it departed Finse.

Date: 05/20/19 13:44
Re: Stalled Train At Finse
Author: Ray_Murphy

There appears to be some catenary damage at the west end of the station platform. There's been a wire service car there for the last hour.


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