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Date: 05/28/19 18:33
Railfanning in Geneve, Switzerland
Author: ShortlinesUSA

OK, one last thread for the morning.  I have been to Geneve before, and rode the train up to Prateln for some great freight action.  SOO 6617 was a huge help there.  The trips I have this time don't allow for much time to take a longer train ride to some of Switzerland's busier freight lines.  I have plenty of photos of freight action at the Geneve passenger station, and am wondering if there is somewhere I could take a relatively short train ride (let's say roughly an hour) to get some more scenic photos.  It does look like there are some nice stations along Lac de Geneve.  

I would be interested in weekday afternoon freight operations (seeing a pattern yet?).  Looking at sun angles, somewhere you could potentially get to the lake side of the tracks, but also with a nice backdrop would be optimal.  Mornings look to be best for getting the lake in the background, but that schedule is not in the cards for this trip.

If there is somewhere better to go for freight operations closer to Geneve, I can forgo the lakeside stations.  Mainly, I would just like to add some variety other than photographing trains right in the Geneve station.

Thank you for any information provided!

Date: 05/29/19 18:16
Re: Railfanning in Geneve, Switzerland
Author: SOO6617

Well it kind of depends on what you want, and if you are willing to walk. The only freight operating during the afternoon is switch runs in gritty industrial areas south of downtown and east of Geneve Stadium or west of Cornavin in the Chatelaine and Vernier districts both of which are not easy to access via public transport. Alternatively you could head east of Geneve along the lake where you could get quality but not quantity. There are two outbased locals, both are beyond the Geneve commuter zone which ends at Nyon. The safest bet is to go to Morges which is served by 4 trains per hour in each direction (1 IC, 1 IR, and 2 RE) 35 to 45 minutes from Geneve. There is a scheduled freight from Lausanne Triage on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 1305. Monday is by far the best day along the lake for afternoon freight though many are listed as (as required or after holidays). Also just west of Morges station there was a commercial building with a large mural of a Santa Fe SD40-2 locomotive on the end wall facing the tracks on the side away from the lake. It would be hard to see from a eastbound train but easy to see from a westbound if it is still there. The freight yard at Morges is on the north side and easily viewed from the platform serving tracks 4 and 5. There is a road switcher based at Morges that covers everything west to Nyon and also there should be 1 or 2 freight tractors based there(4-wheel switchers). As for any more rural locations the old maxim "you pays your money and takes your chances" applies. Any other questions just ask.

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Date: 06/07/19 15:24
Re: Railfanning in Geneve, Switzerland
Author: ShortlinesUSA

Spot on, as always.  Thank you, Sir!

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