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Date: 06/21/19 12:07
Trip on Scot Rail
Author: MEKoch

Late May we were in Edinburgh (first ever visit)  at Motel 1; just above the station and convenient by walking to everything.  About four weeks earlier we had booked a round trip to Inverness on the Scot Rail website.  We were to pick up the tickets at a kiosk in the station.   First a few pics; it was possible with a bit of work to position myself at the west end of the station.  
1) departing EMU train
2) departing DMU train
3) Busy platform at 5 p.m.   Red train is southbound to London

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Date: 06/21/19 12:11
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: MEKoch

4) The station waiting room
5) Track 9 with glass atrium
6) Interior of EMU (Hitachi) from Edinburgh to Stirling - about 30 miles

Date: 06/21/19 12:14
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: MEKoch

At Stirling we transferred to a DMU from Glasgow to Inverness.  The EMUs were moving about 100 mph at max.
7) Station platform:
8) platform
9) Atrium - shed

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Date: 06/21/19 12:19
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: MEKoch

10) trains passing through Stirling
11) trains passing through Stirling
12) our train from Stirling to Inverness was a three car RDC.  I could not find a builder's plate.  About 180 seats total.  Beautiful highland countryside.  Speed about 75-80 mph.  A beverage cart came down the aisle for service.  

Date: 06/21/19 12:26
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: MEKoch

At Edinburgh we went to a kiosk and printed our tickets.  They are quite small - 1.5" x 2.5" .      We used the tickets to enter our track area.  On the train the conductor did not scan the ticket (ala Amtrak), but she could have done so.  Rather she wrote her initials on the ticket.  Edinburgh to Inverness is about 150 miles. Our trip was 3.5 hours with the change at Stirling.  

Operation was on time;  Single track railroad for the most part north of Stirling.  Meets with sb trains happened at stations or sidings.  Train was quite full.  

Our return trip was very similar with a DMU.  Full train.  Conductor initialed the ticket.  Changed at Stirling to an EMU.  

Scotch efficiency and organization!

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Date: 06/21/19 21:02
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: thehighwayman

Why are your photos so small?

Not much bigger than thumbnails!


Will MacKenzie
Dundas, ON

Date: 06/21/19 22:10
Re: Trip on Scot Rail
Author: 86235

The DMU to Inverness would most likely be one of these, a class 170 built by Bombardier.

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