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Date: 06/21/19 13:12
2nd trip on Irish Rail
Author: MEKoch

Our 2nd trip was Dublin - Galway.  As before we had made earlier reservations.  From our hotel we took the Dublin tram west to Dublin-Heuston station, passing the enormous Guiness Brewery.  Like Dublin-Connolly, Dublin-Heuston was full of local commuters streaming in at 8 a.m.   At the kiosk we obtained our tickets.  We entered through a ticket gate, and proceeded down to our three car DMU train.  It was a train almost identical to Scot Rail - same manufacturer I will assume.  
1) Heuston station facade
2) DMU equipment
3) DMU equipment

This train operated at about 80-90 mph.  The track out 45 miles to Port Arlington was a bit rougher at time, but then smoothed out to Galway.  The trip is about 150 miles, but the train made frequent stops along the way.  People used the train for short distance travel.  On our return trip, the train filled at Galway, but then slowly emptied as people got off at small stops.  But after Port Arlington, it was again mostly full.  

An attendant came down the aisle with a beverage cart and various snacks several times in the three hours.  Our trip in Scotland and Ireland was easy using trains, busses and walking.  We did not need a car with the good public transportation.  

Date: 06/22/19 06:48
Re: 2nd trip on Irish Rail
Author: 86235

Irish Rail's ICR (Inter-city Railcars) are Korean.

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