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Date: 06/28/19 10:33
TGV heat
Author: milkcow

I would appreciate a short primer in how well European trains and tracks deal with extreme heat.

We have July 14 to August 12 planned  (and bought) London-Paris-Munich-Krakow-Amsterdam London rail and Riverboat travel.,,,,,,

My backup plan so far is a month at Inverness.


Date: 06/28/19 12:05
Re: TGV heat
Author: exhaustED

Steel melts at around 1400 degrees C.

Date: 06/28/19 12:22
Re: TGV heat
Author: milkcow

Apparently the steel in CSX tracks stretches and kinks at 83 degrees.  I wonder if High Speed rail tracks in Europe are apt to do the same at 45.1 C.  

 60% of the autos have been banned from Paris, maybe we will have more friends on the trains


Date: 06/28/19 13:10
Re: TGV heat
Author: PHall

I was in Europe for the 2003 heat wave. They were not prepared or equipped for the heat.

Date: 06/29/19 01:41
Re: TGV heat
Author: Hartington

Here in the UK when heat gets "extreme" (whatever that means) the trains continue to run but at reduced speed (=delays). If heatwaves like the one in Europe at the moment continue I guess the railways will have to buy rail stressed for a wider temperature range.

Date: 06/29/19 04:02
Re: TGV heat
Author: MEKoch

85 degrees Fahrenheit is a wild 😜 heat wave for Northern Europe

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Date: 06/29/19 04:41
Re: TGV heat
Author: 86235

MEKoch Wrote:
> 85 degrees Fahrenheit is a wild 😜 heat wave for
> Northern Europe
> Posted from iPhone

It was 113F in France yesterday.

Date: 06/29/19 09:53
Re: TGV heat
Author: milkcow

The 18:05 from Stuttgart is arriving at Paris Est 00:05 late already.


Date: 06/29/19 13:50
Re: TGV heat
Author: nm2320

At this time TGV arrivals 10 minutes late at Paris, Gare de Lyon. At this time it is 22:49 in Paris and temperature is 91 degrees F. Reason given for late arrival is police action.

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