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Date: 06/28/19 10:33
TGV heat
Author: milkcow

I would appreciate a short primer in how well European trains and tracks deal with extreme heat.

We have July 14 to August 12 planned  (and bought) London-Paris-Munich-Krakow-Amsterdam London rail and Riverboat travel.,,,,,,

My backup plan so far is a month at Inverness.


Date: 06/28/19 12:05
Re: TGV heat
Author: exhaustED

Steel melts at around 1400 degrees C.

Date: 06/28/19 12:22
Re: TGV heat
Author: milkcow

Apparently the steel in CSX tracks stretches and kinks at 83 degrees.  I wonder if High Speed rail tracks in Europe are apt to do the same at 45.1 C.  

 60% of the autos have been banned from Paris, maybe we will have more friends on the trains


Date: 06/28/19 13:10
Re: TGV heat
Author: PHall

I was in Europe for the 2003 heat wave. They were not prepared or equipped for the heat.

Date: 06/29/19 01:41
Re: TGV heat
Author: Hartington

Here in the UK when heat gets "extreme" (whatever that means) the trains continue to run but at reduced speed (=delays). If heatwaves like the one in Europe at the moment continue I guess the railways will have to buy rail stressed for a wider temperature range.

Date: 06/29/19 04:02
Re: TGV heat
Author: MEKoch

85 degrees Fahrenheit is a wild 😜 heat wave for Northern Europe

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Date: 06/29/19 04:41
Re: TGV heat
Author: 86235

MEKoch Wrote:
> 85 degrees Fahrenheit is a wild 😜 heat wave for
> Northern Europe
> Posted from iPhone

It was 113F in France yesterday.

Date: 06/29/19 09:53
Re: TGV heat
Author: milkcow

The 18:05 from Stuttgart is arriving at Paris Est 00:05 late already.


Date: 06/29/19 13:50
Re: TGV heat
Author: nm2320

At this time TGV arrivals 10 minutes late at Paris, Gare de Lyon. At this time it is 22:49 in Paris and temperature is 91 degrees F. Reason given for late arrival is police action.

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Date: 07/27/19 21:11
Re: TGV heat
Author: railstiesballast

Heat expands the overhead wires and them can sag, leading to  poor dynamic response to passing pantographs.
And of course heat tries to expand the rails, putting them into compression and risking sunkinks.
A little caution is well advised.

Date: 07/27/19 21:59
Re: TGV heat
Author: exhaustED

Delays caused this past week in the UK due to unusual temps... approx. >35degC.

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